All TRITON silencers feature our unique “SHOOTING UNLIMITED” concept which means that you as a hunter/sports shooter can use the silencers during heavy shooting without the concern of wear or damage due to high temperatures/pressures.


stainless steel inside

withstands unlimited shooting

5 years warranty

Triton predator II

TRITON Predator II is a low weight, muzzle-mounted silencer that provides impressive performance and functionalilty and also allows you to keep your rifles front sight.


The TRITON PREDATOR II delivers top class noise and recoil reduction without adding too much weight or length.


Click the FAQ link for info about threads, cutting the barrel and other info about fitting a silencer to your rifle.



Calibers:   5.7 – 6.7 – 7.7 – 8.6 – 9.5 mm


Threads:    ½’’x20 UNF, ½’’x28 UNEF, 13x1, 14x1, 14x1.5,  15x1, 5/8x18, 5/8x24, 16x1, 18x1, and more.


Total length:   147 mm

Addition to barrel length:  132 mm

Diameter:   49 mm

Max barrel diameter: No limitation

Weight:   295 g


Inner components – stainless steel

Outer components – Aluminum with Soft Touch surface

Noise level at ear: 135dB (.308)

Warranty:    5 year

Misc: Changing thread is easy – just change the rear Thread Nut.




Thread Protector

Thread Paste

Predator Nut with different threads